Whats your current Relationship Mindset?

We Desire Growth


You love personal development and are looking to grow as a couple in your connection, communication, impact and purpose. You understand the value of investing in yourselves.

We Have a Dream


You have aspirations to create or grow a business as a couple. Or one of you is already an entrepreneur and desires greater involvement and support from your partner as you grow.

We're Ready to Create


You desire to rekindle inspiration and connection in your relationship. To thrive, create a new vision, and experience an evolution in your lives to solidify your impact and legacy as a couple.

Why choose Relationship Coaching?


An Investment in You Future. Not an Expense.

Did you know...?

  • The average couple spends $33k for a wedding.
  • The average person spends $15k per year for college.
  • The average person invests $30k to start a business and...
  • The average divorce costs $30k. And yet, on average people spend $0 on any relationship education. ZERO.

Society naturally expects that it takes "work", or knowing how to "play the game", in order to attract a partner, but the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to attract a High-Value partner and to keep a relationship alive and thriving for the long-term are often ignored or assumed. 

The GREAT news is that the knowledge, skills and tools we need in order to attract and keep a high-value partnership can be taught and learned - and the impact lasts a lifetime! 

Just as unhealthy, negative and abusive relationship patterns and behaviors are often learned and passed from generation to generation, so are healthy relationship patterns and behaviors. I call this Generational Relationship Abundance and it is a legacy we leave behind for our children, families and communities!


A Personalized Approach to Growth

A coach will help you connect and achieve together! In my relationship coaching practice, I offer a proactive, couple-centered approach that is in alignment with your own personal values and desired outcomes. 

I help couples identify where they are now and guide them through a powerful process to create a collaborate vision for the ideal future they desire to live together - and we actively work toward moving your vision from idea to reality! 

I utilize a powerful assessment tool that clearly and specifically identifies each couples unique strength and growth areas based on their responses to the questions. This assessment has been utilized for over 40 years with over 4 Million couples! Using the assessment results, we clearly identify what lies in the gap between where you are now and where you want to go - and we focus on building the knowledge, skills and tools to CLOSE the gap

I work one-on-two with each couple to provide individualized coaching and support. I take into account the natural cycles of evolution and expansion in each individuals life path and in the relationship over time, including the impact of major life events and even traumatic life events. 

Relationship coaching is a great option for couples proactively seeking growth and support to manifest their desired outcomes as well as couples who have considered but are hesitant about counseling, or tried counseling but did not experience desired results.

iThrive program experiences are safe, inclusive and appropriate for couples of all faiths, genders, orientations, and chosen partnership lifestyle. 


Coaching vs. Marriage & Family Therapy/Counseling

Couples tend to seek counseling only after the relationship is in trouble and by then, there may have already been severe emotional damage or it may even be too late. Many therapists will no longer work with a couple under these circumstances.

According to some researchers, approximately 25% of couples who receive marriage therapy report that their relationship is worse two years after ending therapy, and up to 38% of couples who receive marriage therapy get divorced within four years of completion. Sadly, almost 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation.

Many couples have tried therapy for a term much longer than the average foundational relationship coaching program (12 weeks) with little to no results or improvement sustainable over time. Traditional therapy is often focused on negative emotions and events from the past rather than redirecting the couple toward a vision for a new future together and creating an action plan. 

This does not take into account the number of couples who cannot bring themselves to try therapy because of 1) the expense, 2) the perceived stigma associated with it, 3) cultural norms contrary to engagement in therapy - and many other valid personal reasons.

Disclaimer: Therapy with a licensed professional is always the best option in cases where there are unmanaged mental health concerns or diagnoses, relationship violence, or addiction.  

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