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Relationship Revolution

Relationship Vision, Guided Meditation & Clearing Intensive

Live Online Workshop with Guided Exercises Over 6 Hours

The Relationship Revolution Intensive™ is education for singles and couples who may be in the early stages of personal growth and development but are seeking to create a life-long, growth-minded partnership. Through guided meditation and in-depth visualization, this program allows you to capture your individual vision of the specific experiences you want to create in your relationship building momentum for future, ongoing growth together. 

This is a 4-hour workshop completed over 2 days, done virtually via live video conferencing, making participation from any location in the world possible for both partners even if you are apart due to travel requirements or in a long-distance relationship. 

Program Content
(only select areas covered based on pre-assessment)

  • Life Evaluation Process
  • Two States of Being 
  • The Experience of Suffering
  • Creating Empowering Stories

Explore fears and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from creating the relationship you desire with your partner.

Clearing process to reconcile and heal past hurts and pain from past relationships or in existing relationships.

Guided open sharing and re-commitment to partner, to relationship, and to co-creating more powerfully together.

At least one hour spent with each partner 1-on-1 and remainder of time spent together with coach.

Builds an excellent foundation for participation in the Profitable Power Couple.

*This program is also appropriate for singles. It is inclusive and appropriate for individuals and couples of all faiths, genders, orientations, and chosen partnership lifestyle. 


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