Become a Profitable Power Couple™


Signature Program: Profitable Power Couple™

The premier relationship coaching program specifically designed for Entrepreneurs.

Is your life partner also your business partner? Is one partner an entrepreneur and the other is not? Do you each own a business? Or, do you aspire to build a business that you each feel called to create together? 

It is possible to build a thriving life partnership and a profitable business! But your relationship dynamics are unique when entrepreneurship is involved and your success as a couple and as business owners depends on your ability to integrate your relationship with your livelihood! The common misconception is that you need to keep your relationship and your business SEPARATE, but that couldn't be further from the truth! 

Profitable Power Couple is education for growth-minded couples who desire to achieve their life, business and relationship goals. This program allows you to identify and thoroughly develop your precise areas of strength and growth as a couple. This is an 8-week program conducted over 12 weeks and is completed virtually via live video conferencing making participation from any location in the world possible for both partners even if you are apart due to travel requirements.

Are you ready for a relationship breakthrough that could ensure your success and make your dreams a reality? 

Then it's time to invest in yourselves and become the power couple you were always meant to be! We'll work together to restore harmony in your home, heal your relationship and help you reach your business goals by addressing the unique dynamics facing entrepreneurial couples today.

This program will impact you in deeply meaningful ways and may even save your relationship, business and family. 

When your relationship thrives, your business profits will too - skyrocket your strength and growth areas together! 

Here's what the Profitable Power Couple™ can do for you:

You will... 

...identify and thoroughly develop your precise areas of strength and growth using a research-proven curriculum.

...thoroughly develop all 7 main areas of your relationship: financial, physical, social, spiritual, family, mindset, profession/business.

You will learn...

...the skills, tools and mindset to reconcile conflicts and restore harmony to create the loving, thriving relationship of your dreams with your chosen life partner.  

You will gain...

...the ability to work together with your life partner as a cooperative, efficient and high functioning team in order to create or grow your business profits and potential.

You will learn how to...

...elevate your strength and growth areas with a comprehensive development and action plan for your relationship.

...and much, MUCH, more!

Schedule a free Vision Call and let's talk about how I can help you create the life you desire that includes a thriving relationship and business. This program has what you need to create the joyful relationship you deserve and increase profitability in your business.

*This program is inclusive and appropriate for couples of all faiths, genders, orientations, and chosen partnership lifestyle. 


Interested in becoming a Profitable Power Couple™? It pays to invest into THE most important relationship in your life and the place that makes the biggest difference in the QUALITY of your life.

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