Chart the Course: Create a Shared Vision


Couples Vision Call

Rekindle inspiration and connection when you create a new vision for your lives and relationship!

Do you want greater clarity around what you desire to create together in your relationship? How much more could you accomplish when you create as a team? The happiest relationships are centered around consistent growth and development - if your not growing your relationship, you're not thriving!

The Couples Vision Call℠ is for growth-minded couples who desire to achieve their life, business and relationship goals. On this free, 60-minute live video conference call, you will heart-storm and brain-storm to craft your values-based vision, create a foundation for alignment, and find the courage to live and create the life of your dreams unapologetically. Begin showing up more powerfully in the world for your family, your community, your business, and most importantly - for one another!

Here's what creating your Vision Statement will do for you:

You will... 

Create a values-based framework for you to operate in alignment with your goals and what you desire to accomplish together.

Create a container for conversations around major life decisions including business and career, finances, family planning, responsibilities and how you manage your time and resources - to name a few.

Create a foundation for a life by design, rather than by default.

Stay focused on the "big picture" of the life you desire to create.

Use your time, resources, and energy more wisely on things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Reduce conflict in conversations about how you manage your time and resources. 

Step into your power as a couple.

Create a pathway for you to begin pursuing your dreams as a couple.   

And MUCH More!

*This exercise is also appropriate for singles. It is inclusive and appropriate for individuals and couples of all faiths, genders, orientations, and chosen partnership lifestyle. 


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