• You want to change something, achieve something, attain something, or become something, and you need help. 
  • The current state of things isn’t how you want it to be. 
  • You know what your desired state is - or in the very least, you know you don't prefer where you currently are.
  • You're ready for an expert’s advice or help to get to your desired state.

overall Purpose of a Consult


The purpose of our consultation is to help us get to know one another and assess whether or not a coaching relationship between us would be ideal in consideration of the results that you seek to achieve. We'll discuss:

  • What's not working in your life? We'll get to the bottom of what's not working and why. 
  • Do you know where you want to go and do you have a plan to get there? 
  • Is life coaching right for where you are at this point in time in your life?
  • Is life coaching right for you based on what you're seeking to accomplish?
  • Are you coachable? Coaching will encourage you to stretch outside of your comfort zone in order to grow into the person you need to be to accomplish your goals. Are you willing and ready?
  • Am I the right coach for you? Are we an energetic fit? A sense of rapport and compatibility are critical to building an effective coach/client relationship.

Whatever your biggest fears and challenges are, I've seen them. 


My Promise to You

My approach to coaching is inclusive and appropriate for individuals of all faiths, genders, orientations, and chosen lifestyle. I pride myself on providing my clients with a safe, non-judgmental and culturally competent coaching experience.

I will be honest with you about how I can support you as a coach. I will listen, offer my expertise, and provide you with massive value during our consultation.

At Stellar Life Coaching, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to our coaching clients. Rather, I will take a holistic approach to your concerns and we'll work together to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

Am the right coach for you? It's important to feel a mutual sense of connection, trust, safety, and respect in any coaching, counseling or mentoring setting. I will make a determination about whether I am the best coach to support you based on your needs, and based on my experience and skill-set. 

If I assess that a coaching relationship between us may not be ideal, I will let you know - it is as important to me that my clients get results as it should be to you. I may also offer you a referral if I have one available that could better suit your goals and needs.

Prepare for your consult

Congratulations! Scheduling your Consultation is a Breakthrough! Now let's make the BEST of it!

Here's how to get ready. I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are too!

Identify your Goals and/or Areas of Focus

Take a few moments to write some notes about what your primary concerns are so that you are better prepared to discuss them during our conversation.

Bring Thoughtful Questions and a Journal

Upon scheduling, I will send you an email with a link to a Coaching Discovery Form. Please complete it in advance of our appointment - this will help us each to be better prepared. Bring a journal with your questions and to take notes.

Arrive On Time and in a Relaxed State of Mind

Please do not stress yourself over the consultation, what will occur, or whether or not you took all of the steps to prepare - this is just a guide to help you feel more comfortable and set your expectations. If you are running behind schedule or need to reschedule, please contact me at least 2 hours in advance as a courtesy. This should be something you eagerly anticipate, not a stressful task on your to-do list.

List your Goals for the Consultation

What do you hope to achieve from our conversation? I understand that you don't know what you don't know. I will fill in the gaps and provide you with information about how I work with my clients, how I can best support you, coaching packages, rates, and other details you need to know.

Be Open and Honest About Where You Are

It's not possible to expand your consciousness or viewpoint without introspection. My hope is that you arrive open to experiencing a shift in your mindset during our conversation and that that shift will be meaningful enough to help you understand what you need to create changes you desire in life.

Be Decisive

All of the most successful business people and athletes in the world have coaches to support them in various aspects of their lives. Is your struggle likely to change in the near future if you keep the status-quo? While there is no pressure or obligation to enroll in any coaching package, what key information do you need before you can decide whether life coaching is right for you? Please ask questions! Our conversation is a two-way street. What do you need to be confident in your decision to engage with me as your life coach?