Ms. Oriana Guevara, MHR, MBA, RYT

I am a Life & Personal Performance Coach, Certified Relationship Coach,  Speaker & Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Creator, Personal/Professional Brand Strategist, yoga instructor, and host of the Meetup group, Power Couples & Singles of Orlando

I am also an activist for human rights, gender equity, environmental protection, and animal welfare. I believe that socially just communities, laws, policies, and governments are possible - and that it is our civic duty to pursue those outcomes.

I work with clients to overcome their personal suffering, limiting beliefs and fixed mindsets in various areas of their lives in order to expand their possibilities for experiencing joy and freedom through personal and professional growth and development. 

Stellar Life Coaching

I am a member of the Stellar Life Coaching team. A Life Coaching firm led by Kendra Davies with offices local to downtown Orlando, FL, USA. We support clients locally, nationally and abroad. Visit the Stellar Life Coaching Home page

I Understand My Clients Because I've Been Where They Are

I was deeply impacted by a traumatic medical incident that I endured in 2013 afterwhich I lived with chronic pain and was left with severe scar tissue and permanent damage to several internal organ structures. Recovery involved many surgeries and a lot of missed time from my career, family, friends and social activities. It was a time in my life where I felt very isolated and misunderstood. My life revolved around my pain and staying on schedule with my narcotics. Needless to say, I experienced major anxiety and depression. At times, I even considered suicide as a logical escape - but, I didn't want to die - I just wanted my current circumstances to end. I couldn't bear the idea of the impact on my family. My life as an over-achieving, workaholic had come to a screeching halt in the most painful way. 

A very gradual recovery and eventual relief of some pain symptoms served to renew my resolve for healing and my desire to BE ALIVE in a way that I had never experienced, even before the incident. I used my recovery time to evaluate and reflect on my life - little did I know at the time - that it was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Years later, after my 7th surgery, I experienced a separation and eventually divorced. Ugly, but long overdue - the incident and ensuing health crisis made it clear that I could no longer continue living my outwardly successful, but otherwise diluted life experience. It was a life centered aroung achieving, doing, and giving of myself for the benefit, pleasure and edification of others and in that, I had lost my ability to BE and KNOW myself.

Shortly thereafter, following the undeniable pull of a spiritual calling from within - I walked away from the security and fast-track of my career to transition into my life's calling and mission as a Life Coaching Professional. I AM GRATEFUL for the path, and everything on it, that brought me to where I am today. 

The MOST important thing I learned on my journey toward living in my purpose daily, was to SEEK the HELP and SUPPORT of COMPETENT PEOPLE. Don't try to do it alone!

I sought out support, coaching and mentorship by some of the best life, mindset, high-performance, business coaches and spiritual counselors I could find to accelerate my own personal and spiritual growth journey over the next several years. In my past career, I was mentored and supported by highly respected experts in my field and industry. I that era of my career, I was an expert in my field with speaking engagements nationally on an annual basis. 

My mindset was critical to my results in my past career, in my medical recovery, through several major life transitions, and it still is in my business today - as a personal performance coach, I help my clients develop the UNSTOPPABLE mindset needed to persevere through challenging life circumstances and transitions - to CONQUER their goals and CREATE POWERFULLY!  

I know that no matter your life circumstances or experiences, you CAN create change in your life, relationship, career, or business and live the life you've always dreamed of. I'd be honored to support you on your quest for healing and a more fulfilling life!

Background & Expertise

My 16-year professional career includes experience in Human Resources in both corporate and non-profit settings - including almost 13 years in Higher Education Administration at a Private Liberal Arts College. 

Throughout my career, I coached, counseled and mentored executives, entrepreneurs, mid-level managers, junior professionals, college students, and couples.

My experience includes leadership development; organizational development and change management; conflict resolution and mediation; employee relations; diversity, gender equity and inclusion; social justice, healthy relationships, sex and gender-based violence and discrimination prevention; and behavioral crisis intervention.

In addition, I have expertise in program and curriculum development and assessment; marketing design, communications and awareness campaigns; event logistics; project management; and web design. 

Certified Relationship Coach

I am certified as an EmPowered Couples Coach through EmPowered Couples University℠ and as a Prepare/Enrich Assessment Facilitator. I am passionate about supporting individuals and couples to succeed in the most important relationships of their lives. 

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200)

I am also a certified yoga instructor specializing in restorative yoga for athletic recovery, mindfulness and empathy building. I utilize yogic principles in my life and in my coaching practice. 


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