About Oriana

Ms. Oriana Guevara, MHR, MBA, RYT

The entrepreneurial experience is one that can at times include all of the emotional highs and lows of a rollercoaster! Within the context of the intimate and business partnership, there needs to be a strong foundation of collaborative understanding in matters including communication, finances, expectations, etc, in order for both the business and relationship to thrive (not just survive). 

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and couples. Through my unique programs, my clients learn how to integrate their relationship with their livelihood, to create thriving relationships and build more profitable businesses so that they can live more joyful lives and build a legacy that leaves a lasting impact in their families, their communities and on the world. 

In the process, they create the relationship and life they desire and increase their business performance and results. It is amazing what you can achieve in your life, relationships and business when you move toward your goals from a place of alignment.

I am certified as an EmPowered Couples Coach through EmPowered Couples University℠ and as a Prepare/Enrich Assessment Facilitator. I am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to succeed in the most important relationships of their lives and careers. 

You CAN create the relationship, business and life you've always dreamed of and I'd be honored to support you and your partner as you co-create greatness!

Background & Experience

My 15-year professional career includes experience in human resources in both corporate and non-profit, leadership development; organizational development and change management; conflict resolution and mediation; employee relations; diversity, gender equity and inclusion; social justice, healthy relationships, sex and gender-based violence and discrimination; and behavioral crisis intervention.

In addition, I have expertise in program and curriculum development and assessment; marketing design, communications and awareness campaigns; event logistics; project management; and interior design. 

Throughout my career, I have coached, counseled and mentored executives, entrepreneurs, mid-level managers, junior professionals, college students, and couples.

I am also certified as a yoga instructor (RYT) with focus on restorative yoga, meditation, mindfulness and empathy-building.  

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