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iThrive Mindset

Transformational mindset and relationship coaching to improve your life and business outcomes. Learn to create powerfully when you master and gain control over your emotional state in any circumstance. Thrive in your relationships and business when you  integrate your relationship with your livelihood. Become inspired to your maximum potential of creativity and resourcefulness by learning how to change your beliefs.

iThrive Body

Yoga and mindfulness education and practice - experience freedom and peace when you learn to live with intention. Through yoga, we train the body and mind to self observe and become aware of our own nature. Experience the power of alignment, yoga, meditation, visualization, and other spiritual development practices to take you to the next level of performance in your relationships and business.

iThrive Interiors

A holistic approach to interior design that supports a thriving lifestyle where you can operate with maximum efficiency to exceed your goals. The design of the space in which we live and work is critically important to our ability to thrive. I'll work with you to create a harmonious space in your home or office where you and your partner or team can engage creatively in a setting that is both functional and inspiring.  

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Public speaking engagements at for-profit and non-profit organizations, associations and conferences nationwide.  

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Coach Oriana

Certified Relationship Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Certified Yoga Instructor. 

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Ms. Oriana Guevara, MHR, MBA, RYT

Certified Relationship Coach. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

iThrive Institute, LLC.

Transformational relationship coaching for current & aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Helping couples create thriving relationships and live more joyful lives while building more profitable businesses.